Trifecta Relax | Full Spectrum Delta 8 Vape Cart

After a solid year of research & development, Bay State Hemp Company has finalized their formulation for the Trifecta Relax vape cartridges and Northeast Canna Supply is the master distributor and retailer. We wanted to take a different approach to Delta 8 THC than simply filling a straight cartridge with a single cannabinoid and decided to utilize the power of Delta 8 THC to potentiate the entourage effect.

The key cannabinoids to mention in this formulation are Cannabinol (CBN) and Cannabichromene (CBC), two minor cannabinoids that we feel deserve way more attention and spotlight. We also wanted our formulation to be federally legal and compliant – which is why we utilize DEA registered analytical labs for our full panel product testing.

We feel passionately about full spectrum cannabinoid blends and look forward to expanding these sort of offerings.

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